October 3, 2010

Promises, Promises with Ellen

I know I said I would post about my trip to NYC to see Kristin Chenoweth and Sean Hayes in the revival of Promises, Promises...and I Promise I will sometime in the next 2 days I've just been sooo busy trying to get back into the swing of things I haven't had time to sit down and post anything.  But Since I saw the Show on Sept 29 and then on Sept 30 on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Ellen showed some video clips of her guest stint as the nurse in the show back at the beginning of September I felt it only appropriate to share those clips with you.

The first one is a link because I could not find it somewhere to embed, the link is of Kristin teaching Ellen how to apply fake eyelashes. 

Ellen on Broadway with Kristin Chenoweth - The Ellen DeGeneres Show

This video clip is of Ellen backstage with Kristin and Sean.  Kristin shows Ellen how much she LOVES her dog Maddie by basically tounge kissing her dog (too funny).  You have to watch the link video first though because during this clip she continues with the eyelash bit but if you didn't see the first clip you won't know why Ellen is blowing on her face.

Finally here is the clip of Ellen's guest performance on Promises, Promises as the nurse.  Sean and Kristin can't help but crack up during the scene.  Having seen what that particular scene looks like when the normal actress plays the nurse I can tell you this was definitely funny, I love when Sean says "you sound like a ghost".

Enjoy these clips and I will post a full review of Promises, Promises in the next day or so - as a little taste I will say that the show was SO GOOD, I'm going back to NYC to see it again in a month!