October 6, 2009

Coconut Milk and Sunless Tanner

Did anyone watch "Accidentally on Purpose" last night? (or on your DVR later since i'm sure you were all watching Favre beat the Pack to make him the only QB to have beaten all 32 teams in the NFL).  Well if you didn't go find it online cause the show as gotten better.  Apparently sunless tanner can be removed with coconut milk as Zack learns from a pharmacist after he accidently grabs sunless tanner instead of lotion when he tires to "ride the alone train".  HAHA! Then then must take a bath in coconut milk to remove the orange coloring! Hilarious...oh and of course he took the milk from his restaurant (60 gallons!) and then says he plans on returning it so they'll never notice it's missing...

no clip yet but hopefully one will become available on youtube later

happy watching

October 3, 2009

FlashForward will take over for LOST next year

To all of you looking for a show to fill the void that LOST will leave at the end of this television season, I have found the answer to that void....FlashForward!  This show is amazing and has a lot of the WHAT? factor that LOST gives you.  It has been on for 2 weeks now and it is very interesting and leaves you wondering what is going on and gives you more questions to answer each week.  Genius!  Great show everyone should watch the first 2 episodes online if you have not yet watched and get yourself hooked!
here's a clip

Happy Watching