September 29, 2009

Boom Goes the Dynamite: Trama is NBC's big hit this fall

Thank God for DVR and Hulu or I would never be able to watch all the shows i watch (networks and ratings need to take better account of all the people out there who watch shows online and after the fact on DVR so if a good show doesn't make big numbers cause say there's a ton of good shows on the same night, then it won't get canned!)  I digress, Trama started off with a great helicopter crash which takes place a year earlier to set the emotions for the rest of the cast (great idea).  The cast is likeable and the explosions are realistic enough (for CGI).  This medical show has much more depth than say NBCs other new medical set show Mercy, I watched the premier of Mercy last week and it was not nearly as good as I'd hoped it would be but I'll give it another week to prove me wrong.  However, I think Trama is a nice replacement for the loss of ER (NBCs most memorable medical show).  Plus I love most shows set in San Francisco, it's just a great backdrop for wide shots and intros and filler.  If you have yet to watch Trauma or you watch Two and a Half Men, or Gossip Girl, or Lie to Me at 9 on Monday i don't blame you those are all GREAT shows, but check out Trauma on or set your DVR next week to tape it, it's got the chops to make it if it can get the ratings...

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September 27, 2009

I don't know much, but i know...this is a creepy commercial!

This is one of the strangest commercials I have ever seen...the part where the creepy lumberjack guy stares down the camera gets me every time.  Not only that but the Chinese guy with his fake tear running down his eye.  Why is he crying? Did he lose his job because of the economy?  Is GE going under? I mean it's possible.  I've been out of town but I was watching Sunday Night Football when this spot came on and I had to post something on it because it's been bothering me for a while now..
Watch below if you've never seen it.

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September 24, 2009

All the Single Football Players?!?

If you did not see last night's episode of Glee you missed one of the funnest hours of television! This show gets better every week.  From the moment you see Kurt rehearsing the Single Ladies video in his room with 2 female backup dancers you know you're in for a ride.  Non-stop laughter, that's the best way to describe this new hit show on Fox.  And Fox did it right from the start...airing the pilot episode of Glee during season finale time in May, GENIUS!  Get people talking about the show all summer and see what their reaction is to a show will help you judge how it will do in the fall.  As someone who works for an NBC affiliate I can tell you, i think this is a great premise and other networks should rip this page out of their book.  But as far as last night's episode of Glee is concerned.  Quinn in preggers, which coming from the president of the chastity club is hilarious.  Not to mention the fact of the story she tells Finn to convince him he's the father even though they've never had sex (but apparently she has had sex with Puck...geez what a slut.  i mean getting drunk on wine coolers and sleeping with your boyfriend's friend).  How will anyone believe that hot tub story she tells Finn?  Anyway, Sue is great as usual (Jane Lynch is a genius comedy performer) and Rachel quits Glee club, oh yeah and Kurt is gay...who didn't know this? but i'll leave you with the two funniest clips from last night...

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September 23, 2009

Twin Peaks

I've discovered that the Crime and Investigation Network (i love these random cable channels) is airing Twin Peaks. I've heard good things about this early 90's show so I thought i'd give it a try. So far i've seen about 6 episodes and it's very weird to say the least. The entire premise is "Who Killed Laura Palmer". That's basically what the entire series purpose is to figure out the answer to this question. There are some very strange things about the people who live in the town of Twin Peaks that adds a sense of "WHAT?" to the show - like the log laddy whose log (literally a log) talks to her, or Laura Palmer's mother who has strange visions and Agent Cooper's meaningful dreams. It seems like an ordinary Whodunit type of show only instead of solving a weekly crime it's one crime the entire series (and the movie that was made as a prequel). I think the series is also avalaible to watch at so if you're a TV nerd (espcially one who likes Sci-Fi) you will like this show. I can't say the end will justify the means since i have yet to watch the entire series but I will get back to you on that at a later date.

What are you watching new or re-runs?

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