February 24, 2010

Lighthouse Shows More Than We Think

For the time being I am going to hold off on saying too much about last night's episode "Lighthouse" on LOST. I'm sure many of you thought it was another pointless episode like "What Kate Does" but i feel that it was more important that we are giving it credit for. For now read this review to give you some insight on the episode. Of course check out the Totally Lost Blog on Entertainment Weekly's website. And from what i've seen on the internet the name at 108 on the wheel was Wallace but it was also crossed off. Guess we'll have to wait and see who Wallace is and why he was crossed off.

The Lost recap on Entertainment Weekly says quite a bit about the episode and links it back to older episodes as well. It does a good job of putting meaing into the sideways Jack story as well as the purpose of the Lighthouse itself. I will try to get back and put my toughts up here after some more reading and internet research...

February 3, 2010

LOST Has Returned!

The FINAL season of Lost has started. After the 2 hour season premiere (LAX parts 1 and 2) I find myself having only 1 question answered so far and that is that Locke IS the smoke monster (however apparently NOT the man in black according to the exec. producers). However several new questions have been presented. Juliet says to Miles (after she dies) that "it worked" meaning setting the bomb off worked, yet they are still on the island only back to the present time with the other people who are on the beach (aka smoke monster Locke and Ben and Richard). However they seem to have also landed at LAX also. What's going on here? Multiple universes as it seems. I guess we'll find out more as we go(or at least I hope so). So to add to the questions, how did Sayid just wake up from the dead? Who are these other others that the stewardess has joined along with the children (we saw them back in season 3 with the main group of others when Jack and the crew were captured). Why does it seem that Jack has some memory of knowing the other survivors when he's on the plane yet no one else does? Why when the are flying over the ocean do they show that they appear to be over the island however it is under water? (if they are over the island how is that possible in the premiere the pilot says they were hundereds of miles off course when they crashed there so how can they be over it if they never got off course?). How is Desmond on that flight at one point? He was never on flight 815 to begin with, he was already on the island (but i guess since the island is underwater he never went?). Why is Jack bleeding from the neck when he goes to the bathroom? Since Darlton has said that Locke is NOT the Man in black, ONLY the smoke monster what does that mean for our Man in Black...who is he?

Here are a few things I noticed in the episode that may or may not be significant.

At the beginning when Jack is on the flight and the stewardess asks him how his drink is and he says "not very strong". She hands him an extra bottle of vodka discretely. In the actual pilot episode (I only know this cause I was watching the pilot before the season premiere that night) during that same seen, the stewardess hands Jack 2 bottles of vodka - one he adds to his drink as he did in the episode and the other he pockets (which comes in handy when they crash for his cut that he has Kate sew up and uses the vodka to sterilize the wound). *side note: Jeff Jensen from EW also made mention of this fact!

The second thing that came across as significant is that after Jack saves Charlie's life on the plane and he gets arrested for having drugs, Charlie says "I was supposed to die" leading me back when Desmond kept trying to save him but he was "supposed to die" so in the end he did - you can't fight what's meant to be.

Locke/Smoke monster tells Richard "good to see you out of those chains" that seems to me to mean Richard was indeed on the Black Rock as a slave, however still does not answer why he doesn't age.

One other quick thing that I read on the Totally LOST comment board that may help answer what Juliette said ("it worked"). She was rambling on about getting coffee but maybe it wasn't rambling since obviously we are dealing with parrallel universes now where the gang lands safely in LA maybe Juliette is asking Saywer if he wants to get coffee in that reality (where perhaps she is NOT dead). *which by the way was gutwrenching that we had to watch her die TWICE.

This whole "sideways flash" as the producers are calling it is going to be interesting. You gotta pay close attention to the subtle differences (like the 2 bottles of vodka vs. 1 bottle in the new plane flight).

Guess what? Darlton says it WAS significant that there was only 1 bottle of vodka not 2 while answering some questions on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night! (suck it Amanda)

Sound off in the comments what do you think about the premiere...what are your new questions and did any other things get answered for you?

Check out this post from Totally LOST on Entertainment Weekly with Team Darlton for some insight into the premiere episode