February 24, 2010

Lighthouse Shows More Than We Think

For the time being I am going to hold off on saying too much about last night's episode "Lighthouse" on LOST. I'm sure many of you thought it was another pointless episode like "What Kate Does" but i feel that it was more important that we are giving it credit for. For now read this review to give you some insight on the episode. Of course check out the Totally Lost Blog on Entertainment Weekly's website. And from what i've seen on the internet the name at 108 on the wheel was Wallace but it was also crossed off. Guess we'll have to wait and see who Wallace is and why he was crossed off.

The Lost recap on Entertainment Weekly says quite a bit about the episode and links it back to older episodes as well. It does a good job of putting meaing into the sideways Jack story as well as the purpose of the Lighthouse itself. I will try to get back and put my toughts up here after some more reading and internet research...

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