April 14, 2010

Gay Sharks and Whispers of the Dead

Hello to anyone who reads this...it has been a while since my last post. Since Tuesdays have become the new IT night in television what better time to post my thoughts than Wednesday morning. Now granted I have yet to watch V and Parenthood from last night yet and am in the process of watching Idol off my DVR -somehow Ryan Seacrest knows that Adam Lambert's tongue is more talented that his? - but i'll come back to Idol after i'm done watching...but LOST and Glee alone merit a post.

Let's start with Glee...
Who wasn't happy to see Glee return from winter break? hillariaty ensued as usual. Rachel and Finn started the episode as dating, or at least Rachel thought so. Loved the "Team Finn" shirt Rachel was wearing at the basketball game...and let's be honest Finn is like the worst athlete ever...he said he set a record for sacks taken during football season and then he just stands there and lets the other team steal the ball as he spends time scanning the stands? Anyway...I love the Sue is back and still out to get Will...she sends her two minions to make Rachel jealous by going after Finn who takes them on a date together where they spend time talking about him even though he was sitting right there...they told him that's how it works they pay for them to go to dinner and then they will make out in front of him...how wierd is that? Oh yea and I love how they tell the waitress that there was something wrong with their food and they want another plate even though they ate practically all of their food..."there was a rat in mine" - really? where is it now? Also Brittany provided the two best lines of the night anyway...
"Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?" and "Sometimes I foget my middle name"...priceless!

also I loved Puck telling Quinn to stop getting fat cause he doesn't date fat chicks and she states the obvious that she's pregnant and his response..."And that's my fault?" - uh yeah!

We got to see Will as a playa, and learned a little more about Emma...we got a great rocker Finn rendition of "Hello, I Love You" by The Doors, an angry Rachel singing "Gives you Hell" by the All American Rejects, and a wierd meet the sneaky Jessie duet at a music store of "Hello" by Lionel Richie (David Cook still sang it better on Idol in season 7)...and of course what Hello themed anything wouldn't have a rendition of "Hello, Goodbye" by the Beatles...the one odd thing was hearing a song that a cast member didn't sing during Emma and Will's date...

All and all great to see the show come back and look forward to next week's Madonna themed episode embedded below is Sue's shot for shot remake of Vouge (with a few line changes to the song to poke fun at Will Schuster)

And now here's something I hope you'll really like...(ala Rocky and Bullwinkle) LOST!

"Everybody Loves Hugo"

We finally learn what the Whispers are! now that we know that the whispers are those who died on the island that can't move on...I now question Jacob's wine bottle theory that says that the island is keeping evil from escaping and taking over the world...(kinda like pandora's box?)...I think it's more like keeping the souls from moving on and maybe the man in black escaping will let them move on...but then Locke pushed Desmond down a well and all my thoughts of him possibly being a good guy went out the window...I can't blieve how haphazardly Illana threw the dynamite around...hello let's put like 6 sticks of TNT in a bookbag then throw some botlles of water in there on top of it and then of course let's just throw the bag on the ground they dynamite will NEVER explode!...I totally called her Arzt-like death the minute I saw her bag-o-dynamite. Loved the Hurly-Libby reconnect in the sideways world...but I wonder if the reason she was in Santa Rosa is the same in both worlds because in the flash backs she looked much more crazy than in the sideways world story...Also Desmond guns down Wheelchair bound sideways Locke in a hit and run! My guess is that either he has to die in the sideways world or he needs a near death experience to jolt his consciousness jump. I LOVED the end when Jack and Locke had their stare down something BIG is comeing there...and now Desmond, Lock, and Saywer can all see the mystic kid (but this time the kid was someone different possibly an older version of the first kid we saw)..and well that leads me to the preview for next week's episode with the creepy Willy Wonka son playing in the background...I LOVED how eerie it made it feel...that song creeps me out when I watch Willie Wonka so to add it to LOST was great! check it out below

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