April 21, 2010

"Madge-ical" Madonna and other Tuesday night awesomeness

The power of Madonna = best episode of Glee yet!...the song choices fit perfectly into the context of the show and were performed awesomely! Some might have even been better than the original versions (example...4 Minutes). Classic Sue Sylvester - her parents were famed Nazi hunters? of course they were...Rachael and Jesse went to a Wiggles concert and then SHE won him a CareBear!...The Emma/Rachel/Finn Like a Virgin montage was absolutely amazing...although I'm dissapointed Finn went through with it, especially in a dirty motel, and what were Rachel and Emma wearing? And the mash- up of Borderline/Open your Heart was so smooth you'd think it was only 1 song! plus the video sequence of them roaming the halls of school with all of the different Madonna looks walking around - great! Sue throwing students into lockers - how funny was that? Jesse looked like a creeper in the library telling Rachel about his "melancholia". Finally, who else is excited to see Kurt and Mercedes in the Cheerios in the future!

Missing though - in Sue's office with Kurt and Mecedes they cut a line from the promo out..."Mercedes is black, I'm gay...we make culture" and in the promo Sue said "why don't you two have you're own show on Bravo?" that's funny why didn't it make the cut?

I want more Puck though...it's been a while since we've seen him more than 2 minutes an episode and I also want to see Quinn sing more...And who else feels like Jesse is still a traitor? He's going to awful big measures to spy on the other team if he is.

I want to see more of Ms. Pillsbury's pamphlets...not sure how many people took the time to read the ones in last night's episode but they were great!
"I still breastfeed, but how old IS too old?" and "Help!, I'm in love with my stepdad!" too funny...here's a screen shot

Favorite lines from last night's episode include:
Santana's response to Rachel's "can I ask you guys something": "Yes you should move to Israel"
Quinn: "Please stop talking, you're grossing out my baby"
Sue: "William...I thought I smelled cookies wafting from the ovens of the elves that live in your hair"
Sue: "You think this is hard? I'm passing a gallstone as we speak...that's hard!"
Brittany: "When I pulled my hamstring, I went to a misogynist"
Sue: "Hey there Whoopi, Don Knotts" (referring to Mercedes and Kurt)
Jesse to Rachel: "Just come out so we can talk, or sing about it..." - this is one of two references this episode where you see a character comment on the fact that they are in a television show, the other being when sue is writing in her diary and she says "even in a voice over"
Brittany: in reference to Jesse St. James, "Mr. Schu, is he your son?"
Jesse: "Ok Finn, I know we have a big showdown coming, so let's just decide on the arena...sing-off, parking lot, 5 o'clock, be there" (Rachel's no response was funny too)

Can't wait for next week!

Now LOST - The Last Recruit

This episode wasn't the best of the season but a much needed set-up episode for the big showdown. I am dissapointed that Lost is NOT new next week but that just builds anticipation for the new episode in 2 weeks.

Here are just a few notes from the episode -
Why did Sun freak out when she saw John Locke on her way to the ER?
Did Sayid actually kill Desmond?
What's Jack's deal?
What happened to Miles? - I forget...I got it now, he went with Richard and Ben to get TNT from the Dharma barracks

I did enjoy that Clair joined Sawyer's team it felt to me that it wasn't just about Locke's last recruit it was also about Sawyer's recruit as well...

We learned that Christian was indeed the Man In Black all along (or is he lying?)

Here's something interesting brought to my attention through Doc Jensen's recap on Entertainment Weekly.com - if Christian was the man in black and therefore all dead people seen on the island are the man in black who's to say that Hurley's vision of Jacob on the island is not the man in black himself (Jacob is dead after all).  I mean so far everything "Jacob" has told Hurley to do hasn't had the best outcome - take bringing Sayid to the temple for example, look how that turned out...he died and now he's back but a complete zombie.  Seems to me the MIB is manipulating Hurley to do his bidding...what do you think?

On another Lost note, head to abc.com and vote for the fan Lost promo contest to decide which fan-made promo will air on ABC during an episode of Lost this season!

American Idol - inspirational songs

Crystal Bowersox is in a league of her own! this girl has it together.

I also enjoyed Lee Dewyze's performance.

My bottom three this week are Aaron, Siobhan, Tim but I'm probably totally wrong on at least 2 of them! I'll have to watch the big 2-hour Idol gives back results show tonight to find out!

Thanks for reading check back again for more on great TV!

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