April 26, 2010

Cordelia Chase is back and you better not steal her butterfinger!

OH NO...Sassy Puppies!

It's been years since I saw a butterfinger commercial, especially one that didn't feature Bart Simpson. Charisma Carpenter, Lou Ferrigno and Erik Estrada are part of the Butterfinger Defense League, and telling you how to protect your butterfinger from theives...I mean Charisma obviously has the ass kicking training from her years on Buffy/Angel (even though in the beginning of Buffy I wouldn't trust her to beat up my dog). However she is a Former San Diego Charger cheerleader so she has that going for her in terms of training too...

There are other commecials featuring Lou and Erik as well as a remake of Baby got Back titled I Like Big Butterfingers that features all three members of the league.

What do you think of Butterfinger's new AD campaign?

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