April 25, 2010

Girl Scout Cookies for everyone!!

Last night's SNL gave us a great edition of weekend update, the best part of which was writer John Mulaney's rant on the unfair distribution of Girl Scout Cookies

We also got another great edition of Kristen Wiig's babbling travel expert character "just kidding" and Bill Header as "Stefon" in which he couldn't help but laugh but it was still funny. However, as for the rest of SNL...kind of a bust...SNL has been lacking the past few seasons it just doesn't strike me as funny anymore...every once in a while they get a great sketch or a great host that can hold their own (a.k.a. Justin Timberlake) but most weeks it falls flat with the exception of maybe 1 sketch per show. What do you think? Is SNL dying out? MadTV is already gone is SNL soon to follow? Well enjoy the rant on Girl Scout Cookies and check out the rest of the Weekend Update Sketch at hulu.com

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