April 22, 2010

DVR catch up night

DVR has got to be the greatest invention ever! (well obviously the VCR was a great invention but you can only record 1 show per VCR so unless you got yourself like 8 VCRs and Televisions to attach them to there is no comparison to the DVR).  Of course you can always turn the internet to catch up on your missed episodes (assuming the show is readily available, i'm not up for paying on itunes to watch something when I already pay for cable!)...and speaking of DVRs, ATT has the best one because not only is it a DVR it allows you to record up to 4 standard definition shows at the same time!  For me this is the best thing yet because as the title of my blog suggests television is my life and by that I mean I watch more than the average bear's worth of television, I mean Tuesday night alone is a monster let's see we have Lost, Glee (which was on Wednesdays), American Idol, Parenthood, V, and 90210 - and that's just Tuesday - let's just say Sun-Thurs all look like that on my DVR (Friday and Saturday are the only relatively free days and that's not saying much because you got SNL on Saturday and sometimes Friday gets a show on that I will watch)

So now that we all agree that the DVR is a great invention let's talk about my catch up on shows night because let's face it I can't watch all the shows I want to the night they are on or I'd never get any sleep to be alive at work (where I work with television - even if it is news not entertainment, sometimes the news can be very entertaining, but i digress...)

Tonight I watched Idol gives back (that I watched live) - I only watched it to see Carrie Underwood perform and to see who got kicked off this week and then got the bonus of seeing my favorite idol - David Cook show up! but my bottom 3 was only off by 1 person and I almost put Casey down so I was that close to getting it perfect however I wouldn't have guessed Tim would leave I thought it was high time Aaron left BUT I also though Tim should have been like the 2nd person kicked off the show so I guess it doesn't matter.  I am interested to see next week's theme of Shania Twain - I didn't know she had enough hit songs to earn her own night...we shall see how this goes.  I was just thinking there needed to be a country night and I guess this week is as close as I'll get.

So that was live TV now on to the DVR -
How I Met Your Mother: this show is obviously no where near the level it once was but this week's episode did give us the game "Drunk or Kid" which is obviously a great game you name a scenario and the other people have to guess if it happened when you were drunk or a kid! great concept right?

Romantically Challenged: I wanted to give Alyssa Milano's new show a try...it was not great but I will give it 1 more week to change my mind.  She doesn't look old enough to have a teenage son and her sister doesn't seem to fit into the show.  As for her two guy friends - one of them struck me -as Sue Sylvester would put it "a sneaky gay" - he was dating a girl but seemed like he was gay, I mean he met her at a cooking class...the other guy was oddly juvenile and the place where they hung out and drank wine seemed like a coffee shop at first but then I saw the wine and thought restaurant but who hangs out at a restaurant like every day?  It could have been a bar but the tables didn't make it look like a bar at all...Anyway, I'll give it one more week before I dump it

Now on to shows that need to back next season but are in limbo -

Accidentally on Purpose: This show is one of my favorite new shows this year and no one gives it credit.  Jenna Elphman is great as the older woman who got pregnant on a one night stand by a guy 10+ years younger than her...Zach (the baby daddy) and his best friend Davis, and then there is Billy (Elphman's character) and her sister Abby and Scottish work friend Olivia make a great core group of characters.

Tonight was the season finale in which we see Billy and Zach finally become parents, but not before hilarious things happen.  In this continued episode from last week, Zach got pulled over for speeding and then lied to the cop and said Billy was in labor so the cop took them to the hospital where they had to sneak out cause she wasn't actually having the baby but then on the way to where they were actually going, get pulled over again by the SAME cop so Billy hides in the back only to go into actual labor.  So Zach gets arrested and Davis has to take Billy to the hospital (Davis is kinda a stoner if you don't watch the show)  Billie makes him stay with her she tells him to pretend he's at a strip club and he replies "Ok but it'll be kinda hard to stick dollar bills down there when a baby is coming out!" too funny.  Billie calls Abby to get Zach out of jail but Abby ends up in Jail too so then she has to send Olivia who gets them out of jail because she knew the cop (apparently she disappeared on him a while back because his response to seeing her was "your alive")

now that that recap is over we need to find a way to save this show! come on CBS give it another shot!

Finally another show that needs to get renewed that is on the bubble - Trauma on NBC.

This show gets better and better every week.  The character development is so great it makes me not miss ER so much and this weeks episode especially because it really only focused on the main cast instead of the medical emergencies that usually happen which are predictable.  As soon as we see someone on camera who is not a main cast member we know that there is going to be an accident and one of the crews will get called out to try and save them (it's about paramedics if you were unaware).  I love that the show is set in San Francisco - the last good show out of SF was Eli Stone and that got canned too soon (ABC pisses me off) and before that it was Charmed (which ties back to Alyssa Milano).  Ok so anyways each week we are getting more and more about these characters and their personal lives outside of being a medic which totally reminds me of ER only that show was about doctors.  Even when the episodes are about the specific emergencies we learn things about them and the effects are cool because sometimes there are big explosions and stuff like the pilot where a medical helicopter crashed into a building.  And of course we get to see creative looks at how people get injured and I'm sure even if it looks like a stupid way to get hurt it probably happened to someone at some time.

OK so to sum up -
DVR = awesome
Save Trauma and Accidentally on Purpose from cancellation

If I could seriously get paid to watch like every show on TV and write about it I would take that job in a heartbeat so if anyone out there reads this and knows of someone hiring for that job shoot me a note...One day maybe I'll get a video recap that I can put together on here or something (but that might take way too much time that I don't have which leaves less time to watch TV so I'll prolly just stick to posting some pics and video clips from the net...)

time to watch more stuff on the DVR - Parenthood, V and Ghost Hunters remain, good thing Modern Family and Cougar Town were reruns tonight!

I will leave with this - Glee is hosting an online casting call for next season through myspace and this guy's video on youtube is a submission - what do you think? should he be on the show? If you think you should be on the show go to myspace.com/gleeauditions to submit your own

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