September 23, 2009

Twin Peaks

I've discovered that the Crime and Investigation Network (i love these random cable channels) is airing Twin Peaks. I've heard good things about this early 90's show so I thought i'd give it a try. So far i've seen about 6 episodes and it's very weird to say the least. The entire premise is "Who Killed Laura Palmer". That's basically what the entire series purpose is to figure out the answer to this question. There are some very strange things about the people who live in the town of Twin Peaks that adds a sense of "WHAT?" to the show - like the log laddy whose log (literally a log) talks to her, or Laura Palmer's mother who has strange visions and Agent Cooper's meaningful dreams. It seems like an ordinary Whodunit type of show only instead of solving a weekly crime it's one crime the entire series (and the movie that was made as a prequel). I think the series is also avalaible to watch at so if you're a TV nerd (espcially one who likes Sci-Fi) you will like this show. I can't say the end will justify the means since i have yet to watch the entire series but I will get back to you on that at a later date.

What are you watching new or re-runs?

Happy watching

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