September 29, 2009

Boom Goes the Dynamite: Trama is NBC's big hit this fall

Thank God for DVR and Hulu or I would never be able to watch all the shows i watch (networks and ratings need to take better account of all the people out there who watch shows online and after the fact on DVR so if a good show doesn't make big numbers cause say there's a ton of good shows on the same night, then it won't get canned!)  I digress, Trama started off with a great helicopter crash which takes place a year earlier to set the emotions for the rest of the cast (great idea).  The cast is likeable and the explosions are realistic enough (for CGI).  This medical show has much more depth than say NBCs other new medical set show Mercy, I watched the premier of Mercy last week and it was not nearly as good as I'd hoped it would be but I'll give it another week to prove me wrong.  However, I think Trama is a nice replacement for the loss of ER (NBCs most memorable medical show).  Plus I love most shows set in San Francisco, it's just a great backdrop for wide shots and intros and filler.  If you have yet to watch Trauma or you watch Two and a Half Men, or Gossip Girl, or Lie to Me at 9 on Monday i don't blame you those are all GREAT shows, but check out Trauma on or set your DVR next week to tape it, it's got the chops to make it if it can get the ratings...

Happy Watching

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