December 22, 2009

It's Sad to See You Go

So it's been a while since I posted a new story and in this time several shows have been axed 3 of which I watched every week, so let's break it down in this short post.

1. Eastwick - show about 3 witches in a small New England town.  Ok there was already a great show about 3 sister witches in a big city a few years back, a little show called was great, of course on the little WB that could (all the good shows were on the WB when it was just the WB and not the CW, CW lacks in several areas but we'll save that for another day)  The show got axed mid-production so it probably won't wrap up any story lines which bugs the crap out of me.  I want to know the link to Darryl VanHorne and Sebastian Heart and what he has to do with the 3 witches from the past and the new witches.  Plus who doesn't love Lindsay Price and Rebecca Romaine?

2. Trauma - as can be seen in an earlier post i had high praise for Trauma, and still do.  Maybe if NBC didn't have ratings killers like Jay Leno on then shows like this could have a chance to live out a full season.  I still think the characters are better developed and have more potential than any other new medical drama but hey i don't get to choose what goes on the air.  All I have to say is somehow Mercy is still on the air and that show is flat out horrible!

3. Dollhouse - and finally the one that really grinds my gears...this Joss Whedon (God of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame) sci-fi show on FOX is great.  I agree with some of the critics out there who felt that it started off as a show where each episode had a new client and then trouble ensues but the point was to get across how the dollhouse functioned and to see the inter-workings of that particular house in LA.  Cut to this season (especially after the announcement of cancellation) and you get one of the best suspense sci-fi thriller shows on TV.  You never know what is going to happen next and the unraveling of the Rossum Corp. has been dramatic to say the least and very interesting.  Hard to believe there are only a few episodes left for good...I blame FOX for this one.  It's like they weren't even trying to get people to watch it.  They never advertise for the show, they put it on Friday night at 9pm (at least last year it was led in by The Sarah Conner Chronicles) following a comedy program you can't lead into a sci-fi drama with a comedy (especially the stupid one that actually did lead into it).

A few other shows have been canceled already including Ashton Kutcher's CW show The Beautiful Life:TBL (like no one saw that coming) and ABC's Hank starting Kelsey Grammar, but the 3 above will be missed the most.

See you in the New Year everyone

P.S. to those of you wondering, I finished watching Twin Peaks and let me just say this...what a strange show!

Something to hold all you Lost fans over to Feb 2, 2010 here is a Spanish promo made by the station Cuatro for the show that creator Carlton Cuse dubbed the best promo for Lost he's ever seen


  1. I love Trauma and Eastwick.

    I am still holding out hope for Trauma. Fantastic series.

    I love Mercy and as you can probably tell, I love hospital dramas.

  2. I have hope for Trauma too...i read on that NBC is bringing it back in March and depending on its ratings may order more episodes so be sure to watch it when it comes back so it has a shot of getting picked up for another season!