January 18, 2011

Reege is Retiring!

Ok first off let me say I know I haven't posted anything since like November and I'm such a slacker but I was traveling so much during the last 2 months I didn't have time to keep up with TV and movies and the media but I'm going to try to get better.  I never did write a review of Promises, Promises...maybe someday soon I'll get to it but for now here's the entertainment news I got for you...

Can you believe it? After close to 30 years on the air with LIVE Regis Philbin is actually leaving the show! Tuesday live on the air Regis announced that sometime later this year he would be leaving the show.  This makes me very sad because I love Live with Regis and Kelly.  I'm sure the show will go on and they will find someone to step in as the new co-hose with Kelly but it will not be the same.  Also this makes me very sad that the one time I was able to go see a taping of LIVE, Regis was not there :(  Jeff Probst filled in as the co-host for the day and I must say he's a good choice to step in.  Among some other choices would be the obvious Mark Consuelos (Ripa's husband) who fills in often and one of my favorite co-hosts, Anderson Cooper although I think he's kinda busy what with his show on CNN plush his new gig on Broadway's "How to Succeed in Business".

Anyway here is Tuesday's host chat when Regis announces his retirement.  Just look at Kelly's face, she is so sad he is leaving, and you can tell when she talks she's fighting back tears.  I love this show and will miss Regis dearly despite his allegiance to that crappy football team from northern Indiana...

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