June 6, 2010

Newsworthy Notes

Some of this news is old some is new but it's about stuff I care about so I thought I'd share it with you.

First and foremost fans of ABC's FlashForward or organizing a save the show effort on June 10 outside of the ABC HQs in Atlanta, LA, Chicago, NY, and Detroit. They are planning a "blackout" where they will simulate the show's blackout on the streets outside the HQ for 2 min and 17 sec (just like the show)...All I have to say is I hope this works cause I loved this show. There is also a facebook page to save the show. It wouldn't be the first time a show was cancelled and fans got the network to bring it back with a grand gesture. Take CBS's cancellation of Jerhico for example. The fans sent thousands of peanuts to the CBS executives and funny enough, it worked and CBS brought it out of cancellation but it only lasted 1 more season (I didn't watch this show so I can't say if it was worth the effort but enough people thought it was worth it and it got saved)...here's hoping these fans can get this show brought back from the dead. Here's a link to the story on Variety.  And at the bottom of the story are links to the facebook save the show page and another website which my work computer wouldn't allow me to go to so not sure about that one.


Here's another bit of news that I frankly don't care for.  Disney which owns ABC, ABC Family, SoapNet and many other channels has decided that in 2012 they will pull the plug on SoapNet and replace it with Disney Junior.  Great just what we need more cartoon channels!  I like cartoons dont' get me wrong but come on there are so many channels out there for kids.  And now how am I going to watch re-runs of Beverly Hills 90210 or One Tree Hill?  It also airs Gilmore Girls (but that's also syndicated on ABC Family) and the OC plus re-airing daytime soaps and talk shows such as The View and it even has an original series called Being Erica.  All of this will disappear so that Disney can air another channel aimed at toddlers!  I mean it's gonna air shows that are already on other channels like Handy Manny and other Playhouse Disney shows...just watch the frickin Disney Channel if you wanna watch these shows! Toddlers don't need a 24 hour network for themselves!  Toddlers shouldn't be watching that much TV! come on parents!  here's a link to a story.


This is really old news but in case you didn't hear Glee, which will return for a second season this fall, has already been picked up for a third season!  This happened a few weeks back but it was during season finale time and I was trying to watch a lot of television plus I had already posted a ton of posts on here so I held on to the news for a while and am just now getting around to posting it.  But here's another bit of info about Glee for you.  The Complete First Season of Glee will be available on DVD September 14.  I know that's a long way away but it's news nonetheless.  There will be some never before seen Sue's Corner's, 3 behind the scenes clips and some karaoke sing-a-long feature.  If you already bought Glee: Volume One: Road to Sectionals, you will get a $10 rebate for buying the complete first season on DVD as well.  (This is exactly why I didn't buy the DVD when it came out because I had a feeling that they wouldnt' release the second half as a separate DVD so I said I would just wait for the full season to be released and if it was released as 2 sets of DVDs I would just buy the 2 sets when the second set came out).  More info on the DVD here.

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