June 8, 2010

Persons Unknown - This Might Actually be Worth Watching

I took a chance and watched NBC's "Persons Unknown" last night...and I have to say, It was decent.  It strikes intrigue in the viewer, which is always a good thing; however, i would like a little more character development in the coming episodes.  The premise is this - seven people are kidnapped and held hostage in an abandoned town all while being monitored with surveillance cameras.  They have drug implants in their leg so if they try to leave they get a dose of the drugs and faint.  This strange ghost town has workers at the hotel where they sleep and the Chinese restaurant where they are forced to eat, however none of the workers seem to know much either.  These seven people weren't taken from the same location either, one was in New York, another in San Fransico...So it leaves the viewer wondering where are they, why were they taken, and how will they get out of there?  It seems as if the kidnappers have been watching them before they were taken and they are continuing to monitor them in this ghost town.  It almost feels like a game because each of them recieved a fortune cookie at dinner and although we don't know what all of them said (because what they read could have been a lie) we know for sure that one reads "kill your neighbor and you'll be free", so that makes me want to see what happens with that!  I'll be sure to tune in to NBC next monday at 10pm, will you?
Here's the first episode from hulu

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