August 30, 2010

Emmys Red Carpet Reaction

So I DVRed (yes i made that a verb) both E! and NBCs Red carpet coverage and first off I have to say that E! had much better coverage.  Not only did theirs start an hour before NBCs so we got to see more but the quality was so much better as well (this does not bode well since NBC is on the decline - even though I work for an NBC affiliate so I hope things pick up soon - fingers crossed for The Event -which I have seen the pilot and am going to post something about it soon).

You get Ryan Seacrest on E! (not a huge fan but he knows his way around the red carpet) and Billy Bush on NBC (not particularly impressed with him) not to mention the NBC side crew including Nate Burkus (who by the way is getting his own show this fall) and let me just say that Nate's questions about everyone's bathroom floor and what they looked like was getting old after the 1st person.  Not a big fan of that question, I don't care what someone's bathroom looks like I mean you can ask them how many dresses they tried on before they decided on this one but geez that's about all I care to know.

NBC also had horrible graphics.  That little wipe screen of their horribly designed Emmy Red carpet logo between Billy and Nate just way too plain, someone could have and should have designed something with some animation, better colors and the logo itself was just horrendous.  (I hate that I'm bashing my own affiliate but this red carpet show could have been much better and also as for the E! had a whole extra hour of coverage on them, I could have handled not having to do the 6pm news yesterday for more red carpet coverage!).  And someone could have let Billy know that there were still 30 seconds left when he threw to the Emmy's the audience could see the clock why couldn't someone tell him in his earpiece to stretch?

As for the stars and the fashion I have these as my best and worst dressed (I love that no matter what they thought of their fashion Billy or Ryan or Nate or anyone always says how great they look because they have to - hehe)

January Jones is definitely a WORST dressed in my opinion.  That dress was horrendous especially considering how great she looked last year.  And her hair had that bed head look which E! commented on as well at the end of their red carpet coverage.  Judge for yourself

As for the Best Dressed I have a few favorites Glee's Lea Michelle looked great in the Oscar De La Renta Navy strapless gown.  Clare Danes looked stunning as did Modern Family's Sophia Vergara

What did everyone else think of the Red Carpet?  Who had the best coverage of the red carpet?  (I didn't get to see TV Guide Channel's coverage cause I don't get that channel but if anyone saw that coverage and thought it was awesome please share) Sound off in the comments - Jimmy Fallon did an excellent job as the host, especially his opening number and tribute to shows that are no longer with us.  Overall the Emmys were pretty fun!

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  1. I didn't see much of the red carpet, but what I did see of it, I watched on E! The 360 degree "glam cam" was interesting -- I saw them use it for Lea Michele, which really showed off that fabulous dress! I turned to NBC in time to see that awkward early toss...yikes. But the Emmys themselves were fun! (I recapped on my blog!)