September 14, 2010

Let the New Seasons Begin!

Last night kicked off the first of many season premieres in my realm of television viewing for the fall, 90210(the remake) and Gossip Girl.  The CW is the first to launch their shows - 1 week before the other networks.  I think that's smart, you want to get people before they get involved in the other shows granted most of the shows premiering this week are in their 3rd season or higher you can still get new viewers hooked and make them want to go back and watch the previous seasons.  I have started many a show several seasons in, went back and watched the DVDs or re-runs in syndication and then was totally wrapped up in the show as if I had been watching since day one.  Here's a list of several shows I started watching part way through the series or even after it ended and then wished I had watched it when it was actually on - Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls, Charmed, Mad Men, One Tree Hill, Pushing Daisies, Beverly Hills 90210, LOST...I have several other shows that are over that I want to go back and see such as The West Wing and 24 and I will get to them eventually I'm sure. 

Right now I'm just excited to start watching some new shows and see some of my favorites kick off another season.  I'm sad that the summer shows are ending but soon enough they will be back.  So those of you that watch these CW shows like myself.  What did you think of the season premieres?

90210 started off with some big drama.  Teddy blowing out his knee, Adrianna in that car crash that killed Javier and then using songs she didn't write to get her music career going again.  Annie is finally looking to settle things down after her being completely annoying last season.  Dixon has some Ivy drama with her old friend Oscar moving in from Australia.  And of course there's the big Naomi rape issue from the do you think the season will play out?  We already know that Teddy is the guy on the show who will be switching to playing the gay character so that should be interesting to see progress and how it affects Silver.  I see major drama for the Dixon/Ivy/Oscar love triangle about to form.  Adriana is going to regret her decision to steal that music.  Annie and Liam's sexual tension will be big this season and Naomi carrying out this rape charge could be interesting.  The interesting thing about 90210 is that some of the stories are things that happened in the original series and others are brand new issues or issues played out in a completely different fashion.  I mean Dixon did the whole Brandon gambling thing.  Kelly was raped in the original series but they didn't go into it as much as they are with Naomi.

Obviously nothing will ever take the place of BH90210 but this reboot is pretty good for the new generation.  Unlike the Melrose place reboot which I thought was terrible (and I didn't even see the original series) and I've seen the pilot of Nikita and I'm not into it (again didn't see the original).  The "cool" thing to do these days is to remake popular shows from the past.  This season we get reboots of Hawaii Five-O and The Defenders as well Nikita.  Well we all saw how Knight Rider and Melrose Place went so far 90210 is the only remake that made it.  I guess we shall see how this fall's remakes fair.

The other season premiere last night was Gossip Girl.  Serena and Blair are at each other's throats again! When will Blair stop being jealous of Serena!  It's so high school and these are girls are almost sophomores in college (well in the show at least).  Nate's sex rampage has turned against him, did he really think he could be Chuck?  Dan is so stupid to believe that Milo is actually his son.  Georgina is totally playing him and I knew as soon as she got him to sign the birth certificate she was going to dump the kid with him and run.  The thing that interests me the most is how Chuck is still alive and yet his body washed up in Paris?  I guess when Serena and Blair go to identify the body we will see who it really is, maybe he has a twin and it'll be like the crazy daytime soap operas haha!

Tonight we have some more premiers, One Tree Hill, Life Unexpected and Parenthood.  I hope to be able to give a little insight into those tomorrow.    

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