September 15, 2010

OTH and LUX Return along with Parenthood!

Hello Fellow TV addicts.  More shows have begun and that just makes me happy.  Last night we were able to watch Season 8 of One Tree Hill (the little show that could) and Season 2 of Life Unexpected and Parenthood.  OK, Say what you want about the CW but here's a BIG reason why I enjoy watching shows on this network - THE MUSIC!  The WB started it with shows like Buffy and Charmed and One Tree Hill and Gilmore Girls and the CW has continued with this tradition, shows on this network always get great new bands to lend their music to the shows and that's a really awesome part of this network.  I mean where would my life be had I not been introduced to my hometown (Cleveland) girl Kate Voegele on OTH two seasons back?

OK but on to the actual episode.  Is this a dream or a nightmare?  After the HUGE cliffhanger at the end of season 7 of OTH everyone was left to wonder if Clay and Quinn would survive and after last night's premiere I am now wondering HOW they have not died yet.  I mean the were shot and no one has found them and it has been several hours...they have lost a LOT of blood by now so the question is how are they not dead?  The fact that both of them have been made full time cast members as seen in the return of the opening credits (thank you by the way for bringing back "I don't wanna be" can't wait to hear all the different artists renditions of it each week) so they are obviously NOT going to die unless they are going to spend the entire season in this "limbo" state and then die at the end of the season.  I'm not sure how I feel about this whole situation.  At the very beginning when they made it seem like it was all a dream that Clay had I was so mad because I couldn't believe that Mark would commit to it being a cop-out.  But the further into the episode it got the more I got the feeling like they were in some sort of subconscious state - which they were - but I don't know logically how this is going to work out but I guess we shall see.  Brooke and Julian are FINALLY back together, and one would think for good since they are engaged - let me just say I am so happy to see Brooke finally getting the guy she deserves.  However new drama is afoot for Brooke and Clothes over Bros as it seems Victoria was lying to investors about the company's profits (how seriously close to the economy does this hit?).  Hayley and Nathan seem a little too perfect right now, Haley over her depression and pregnant, Nathan off to start another season with the Bobcats - 1 of the 2 of them has something wrong with them (both of them were at the doctor at one point in the episode) my guess is Nathan.  Mia is back - LOVE Kate Voegele so happy to see her back on the show.  Very Little Millie face time and non Mouth, and Alex is the girl you wanna hate and then there's Chase (who I guess is still not a regular after 2 turns on the show).  I love Jamie but I'm not a huge fan of his haircut but I did enjoy the awkwardness of Nathan and Haley trying to explain where babies come from to him.

I have high hopes for this season.  Mark Schwan has said the show is going to "go back to the way it was" so that makes me feel good.  I love that the opening credits are back, like I said.  I would love it if they could get Peyton and Lucas to make a guest appearance at some point.  Here's to high hopes for the  new season.

Life Unexpected started it's second season off in a good way.  I know some people were a little wishy-washy about it's debut season but it seems to me that this season is going to be much better.  Ryan has a secret named Julia and a sister who has now slept with Baze.  Kate lost her job and  has to struggle with the decision to marry Ryan vs. if she loves Baze.  L turned down an engagement from Bug causing him to leave town and falls for a new guy who happens to be a teacher at her school (wait didn't that story line happen on Pretty Little Liars already?  oh well let's see how it plays out on this show).  Oh yeah and it seems like Baze and his dad are getting along for once and the bar has been destroyed thanks to Ryan's sister Paige (who was formerly Dean's wife Lindsay on Gilmore Girls) spending the night with Baze and throwing a cigarette out in the bar after Baze warned her about smoking in there.  All in all I think this season is going to be a good one.

Parenthood also started it's second season last night.  A little time has passed since we last saw the Bravermans.  Zeke and Camille have started marriage counseling.  Haddie is learning how to drive.  Crosby has been commuting to New York to spend time with Jasmine and Jabar...

Not much of Sarah's kids were seen in the first episode, other than giving her the idea for a show low-jack.  I love Lauren Graham!  We are introduced to Adam's boss - Billy Baldwin who we already know will start a fling with Sarah sometime this season.  They will be seeing a lot of each other since Adam offered her a job in the design dept. to work on her show low-jack idea.  Joel gets roped into  helping Zeke fix his leaky roof.  And then there was the highlight of the episode Joel and Julia getting to explain sex to Sidney who can't be older than 5!  Oh what kids hear on the playground.

I really enjoy this family dramedy one of the few GREAT shows to come out of NBC in the last few years.  No new shows for me tonight just catching up on Mad Men and Rubicon from this weekend along with watching the last 2 episodes EVER of My Boys - which has been officially canceled by TBS :( 

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia comes back Thursday and next week brings in a whole slew of new seasons, most importantly GLEE and Modern Family!

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