September 22, 2010

Gleecap (Glee Recap) - "Audition"

I am so unbelievably excited that GLEE has returned with new episodes (not that I don't love watching last season's over and over too).  There's a lot of expectations on this show going into it's sophomore year.  Will it live up to the hype?  Will it be as good as last season?  Well if last night's episode is just a teaser to the rest of the season then my answer is YES!

Last time we saw our glee clubbers they were deflated about their 3rd place finish at regionals.  Quinn and Puck had a baby and allowed Shelby (Vocal Adrenaline's former coach and Rachel's birth mother) to adopt her.  Finn and Rachel were officially back together.  And by the looks of it the club was one big happy family.

One of the best things about this season premiere is that it not only was it signature GLEE with great songs and hilarious Sue Sylvester lines, it also took time to make comments on some of the show's critiques in fun little jabs - like when Jacob tells Kurt people say "they [the club] are nothing but a glorified karaoke club designed to make the inventors of Auto Tune millions of dollars."  And of course Kurt gets a nice little jab in about how easy it is for people to sit at home and go on the Internet and criticize people but getting up and actually saying it to their face takes much more guts (so true of so many things people say on the Internet)!

But I think the thing I enjoyed most about the season 2 premiere was how much it mirrored the pilot!  I literally thought that the scene in Figgins office with Sue and Will about budgets was mis-cut and they somehow put footage from the pilot in there instead until they cut away to the shot showing Coach Beiste.  There were a few one liners also taken straight out of the pilot episode but I loved that about this episode - new school year but same old characters!

Glee's Big Gay Summer

Finn and Rachel have been dating all summer and it looks like Finn has shed a few pounds during those summer months (possibly in preparation for the Rocky Horror episode that in which he is rumored to be wearing a gold speedo).

Apparently some people actually read Jacob's blog about the Glee club and they want to know why Mr. Schu's song selection sounds like "they come from a drag queen's ipod".  Also loved the line directed at Will, "when did you ink your sponsor ship with Land's End".

Puck confirms the rumor that he got a vasectomy over the summer.  But will not talk about his feelings for Quinn.

Brittney said "people thought I went on vacation, but actually I spent the summer lost in the sewers".  This girl has to be one of the BEST characters on TV because she always has the best lines!

Mike Chang and Tina are now a couple (poor Artie).  They fell in love at "Asian Camp" where they were counselors who taught tech-savvy Asian kids about the arts.  Sidebar - How about Mike Chang's Abs! Those things are awesome!

Santana got a boob job which is not cool with Coach Sylvester!  Sue has a very strict "no plastic" policy.  Sue makes a very good point when she asks Santana "What would possess someone your age to get a boob job?  You don't even know what your body is going to look like yet" this is sooo true what possesses teenagers to get boob jobs AND the bigger question is who's parents allow them to get a boob job as a teenager?

Mirror Image/The New Faces in Town

Here is our first example of mirroring the pilot.  Although Sue and Will have a new formed friendship she gives him the same advice she gave him last season about his club sign up and how he needs to hold auditions because not everyone should be champions.  This leads directly into the almost perfectly similar scene from the pilot where Sue and Will discuss the budget with Figgins about cutting both of their budgets.  If it wasn't for the cut away shot of the new female football coach named Coach Beiste, Ken Tenaka had a nervous breakdown, who will mach Sue in intensity but is very sensitive, I thought something got mixed up and they were airing the wrong scene.  Sue even says "You can't cut my budget without written consent from the Federal Reserve, it's in my contract!" which is, if I'm not mistaken, the exact same line she said in the pilot when Figgins cut her budget so that Will could start up the Glee club! 

This whole scene has some great lines:  Figgins tells Sue she can live without 2 confetti cannons and Sue's reply is "Do you think your kids can live without their dad?" 

Another great thing about Coach Beiste, she refers to herself as "The Panther"!  She also confuses Sue with her zingers like "That's a steer with 6 teets and no oink". 

Mirror image scene number two.  While posting Glee club sign up sheets in the locker room Finn hears newcomer Sam (Chord Overstreet) singing "Every Rose has it's Thorn" in the shower Ala Will hearing Finn sing "Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore" in the Shower in the pilot episode, it has identical shot selections like the shot of the feet, Sam is singing into a bar of soap the same way Finn did.  Such a great job mirroring these scenes with the pilot!

Empire State of Mind

In an effort to recruit new members to join Glee, the club performs a Jay-Z hit at lunch (but first let me make this note, the kids have lunch tables outside? No school in Ohio would have an outdoor lunch area because it's too damn cold for most of the school year!  I went to high school in Ohio, I would know).

First of all, I love their shirts where can I get one?  I really loved the stair dancing, loved the look they all had going (especially Kurt), I just think they should limit their rap numbers 'cause it's not really what the guys in this show are good at.  We heard Artie doing a little rapping last season and I do think that of all of them Puck is probably the best rapper but let's face it, classic rock and show tunes work best for this group.  HOWEVER, I still LOVED the song and the number so it gets and A in my book!

More New Faces - Sunshine

Another new face was Sunshine (international pop star, Charice) who we first "meet" in the girl's bathroom when Rachel introduces herself while posting fliers for glee club, and very awkwardly introduces herself and invites her to join Glee because they need chorus members to sway in the background and smile as Rachel sings solos - that is of course before she hears her sing.

After still self-absorbed Rachel realizes that this girl could steal her glee club thunder, she decides she can't let her join the club.  Rachel and Sunshine singing "Telephone" was definitely a high point in the episode, Rachel getting up in Sunshine's face for the "diva-off" was awesome!  And then Sue busted in and said "Shut up" - classic Sue but I wanted to hear them finish the song!

Not Enough Kurt and Mercedes!

This Episode was seriously lacking in the Kurt/Mercedes scenes.  The only real time they get is when Rachel tries to convince them that Sunshine shouldn't join the club because it would take away from them getting solos. 

We get a great little Mercedes/Kurt interaction prior to Rachel entering the room where Mercedes asks Kurt if he's wearing a Men's sweater and he replies "Fashion has no gender" - I love it! Which is why we clearly need more Kurt and Mercedes, as Sue said back in season 1 "Why do you two not have your own show on Bravo!"

Rachel reveals her genius plan to make sure Sunshine doesn't sign up - she has paid the football players $100 to slushie them in front of Sunshine's locker so she will not want to join.  My question is she had to pay them?  Wouldn't they have slushied them for free?  Kurt and Mercedes however are not down with this idea and want Rachel to stop being so self-centered and think about how she can help the club beat Vocal Adrenaline

Sue and Schu Join Forces

Will and Sue decide they must work together to destroy Coach Beiste in order to restore their budgets.  They pull high school pranks on her like ordering a bunch of pizzas and delivering them to the locker room where they wait outside and giggle about it like little kids.

Will and Sue continue their immature antics in "operation mean girl" where they won't allow Coach Beiste to sit at their table despite the open chairs.  Sue says "these seats are currently being occupied by my ghost friends" - that is definitely a top Sue line in my books!  And Will says he has a meeting with some science teachers so his seats are reserved for them (not as original Will you need to get better at this).  After Beiste tells Will everyone told her that Sue was mean but he was cool, he starts to regret his decision to work with Sue.  And when Sue gets Brittney to accuse coach Beiste of sexual assault (similar to when Rachel accuses Sandy the former Glee coach of assault -of course not on her on the male in the club so that he will get kicked out and replaced) Will finally decides to stop messing with Beiste and gets Brittney to confess the truth which does not sit well with Sue!

The final straw comes when Will, who is trying to apologize to Coach Beiste, tells Sue that he's not gonna do it anymore after Sue tries to get Beiste to eat "poop cookies". 

Balance restored - Sue and Will are now enemies again.  Sue goes on a rampage and says that the two of them (Will and Beiste) are "making a very serious mistake, the likes of which have not been seen since the Mexican Indians sold Manhattan to George Washington for an up skirt photo of Betsy Ross" that line is just so clever and wrong at the same time, so Sue Sylvester!

Artie has woes

Tina dumps Artie for being a bad boyfriend (he was playing a marathon round of Halo so couldn't pay attention to her) and starts dating Mike Chang instead because "he tries to be into what I'm into, like his abs".  Artie wants to join the football team to impress her, his logic is if Kurt can do it so can I - haha too funny and Finn's response: "Being gay isn't a handicap".  I love this line because I feel like some people think it is a handicap when it absolutely is not!  Artie seems to think if Finn pushed him down the field in his wheelchair he'd be, to quote Finn, "a human cannon ball".

Sam Evans and His Big Mouth

Finn tries to recruit Sam to join the Glee Club so he has him come in and sing for the guys.  As he is describing himself to the guys Puck is staring at him and says "Dude, your mouth is huge, how many tennis balls can you fit in there?"  (not really sure why you would ask anyone that) and Sam has one of the best lines of the night - "I don't know, I've never had any balls in my mouth, have you?"  and I love the slight little smile as Puck doesn't answer.

So Sam sings "Billionaire" with a little back-up from the rest of guys and apparently he also plays guitar.  This kid isn't half bad and he's not too horrible to look at either.  Should be interesting to see the dynamic between him, Puck, and Finn as 3 popular guys with strong voices.

Coach Beiste is a Softie

She seems tough on the outside but she's really quite sensitive.  After Sue and Will go "operation mean girls" on her, we see her crying in the locker room while reapplying her bright red lipstick as Puck walks in with his offensive joke about Helen Keller not being able to drive because she was a woman instead of the obvious fact that she was blind.  Puck seeming to show some concern asks her if she was crying and she says "yeah I saw your stats from last season and it really hurt my feelings" - nice zinger coach. 

Coming off this humiliating situation, when Finn tries to tell her about Artie wanting to play and she thinks he's messing with her so Finn gets kicked off the football team! Oh no, without Finn as the starting QB does WMHS stand a chance?  She goes off on him and he says "Dude" which makes her even more angry.  Despite Will's attempts to convince her and Figgins that Finn was only trying to help Artie, Coach Beiste will have none of it and refuses to let Finn back on the team!  

New Cheerios

Quinn wants back on the squad and wants her status as queen bee restored.  Can order be restored to the school hierarchy?  Last year at the beginning of the school year Quinn was captain of the Cheerios dating the football QB Finn and all was good, by the end of the year she was an outcast member of Glee who got pregnant by her boyfriend's best friend, got kicked off the Cheerios, and out of her house and it looked like she was destined to be like the rest of the glee club members.  Finn got kicked off the football team can Quinn really get back on the Cheerios?  The answer - Yes! 

Even though at first Sue said no way, after Quinn says Churches would donate money for the confetti cannons that she lost in the budget if she let a girl on the team who got pregnant and now promotes abstinence education while wearing a Cheerios uniform onto the squad.  First off what? Wasn't she all about abstinence BEFORE she got pregnant?  I mean she was president of the celibacy club for crying out loud!  But alas she gets in, AND because of Santana's boob job Quinn will be the head Cheerio (like before) and Santana is demoted to the bottom of the pyramid so that if the pyramid falls her "exploding sandbags will protect the squad from injury!"  This leads to a massive girl fight in the hallway! Full on face slapping, bitch-fight between Quinn and Santana - it was amazing till Schu broke it up...Brittney watched from the side and said "Stop the Violence" haha love her!

However, the best thing about Cheerios tryouts was Finn's audition!  After being kicked off the football team he needs something to make him cool so he thinks by becoming a Cheerio he will gain some points (not sure what makes him think being a guy cheerleader is going to help his popularity but hey). 


Sam never shows up to audition and Sunshine doesn't show up cause Rachel gave her directions to a crack house for the audition location! (but not an active one)  Tina and Mike bring this to Mr. Schu's attention because apparently the Asian community is very tight knit so they heard about it.

Rachel convinces Sunshine to really come and audition and she sings an AMAZING rendition of "Listen" from Dream Girls.  Too bad Sunshine won't be joining New Directions because she's been recruited by Dustin Goolsby (Cheyenne Jackson from 30 Rock), the new coach of Vocal Adrenaline, thanks to Sue (shoulda went along with the poop cookies)!  They gave her and her mom a condo and a green card to get her to join! (what kind of glee club has that kind of money and how is that legal?)

Turns out Sam's reason for not showing up is because he's already the new kid and after Finn got kicked off the team and the way everyone on the team talks about the guys in Glee he didn't need anything to make him more of an outsider.  Plus now that Finn is off the team, he's the new Quarterback!

Final Number

Touching moments between Finn and Rachel where Rachel admits to being a spotlight hog.  Rachel tells Finn to go ahead and break up with her but Finn says he wouldn't do that and that she's the one who should break up with him because he's no longer popular.  Isn't it cute, that the actually do really care about each other?  But it looks like Finn has got a lot of work ahead of him trying to keep Rachel in line, he's going to have to mediate between her and the rest of the club. 

Then we get a showstopper from Rachel who gives us "What I did for Love" from A Chorus Line as the final number of the episode.  And not only is it a great song, it's classic Rachel!

So did you all enjoy the premiere as much as I did?  Sound off in the comments.  Next week - Brittney Spears! Unfortunately I will be on my way to New York City to see my first Broadway show - Kristin Chenoweth and Sean Hayes in Promises, Promises - so I won't be able to post a recap until the weekend but I'll get one up :)

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