September 24, 2010

Cheno Countdown - 4 days till NYC!

Today's Cheno Countdown clip(s) are from an interview on Letterman from July of this year.  I chose this clip(s) because Kristin talks about her "twittering" and I absolutely love her tweets!  If you don't already follow her on twitter you can find her at @KChenoweth she is absolutely hilarious!  But on Letterman she talks about how she might have gotten a girl fired from Starbucks (her favorite place) from a tweet she posted of an employee who was rude to her.  Another fun part of this interview is she accidentally has some language slip ups in trying to describe tweeting (which she calls "twittering"), hilarity ensues.  Lot's of bleeping involved in this interview.  She also talks about her summers in Oklahoma as a kid from church camp to an incident at cheerleading camp and then makes a big exit with Sean Hayes to the Broadway Theater where her show is playing (and where Wednesday night I will be sitting in the front row watching) since David Letterman's studio is right across the street.  Hope you all enjoy this great interview!

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