May 11, 2010

ABC strikes again...

Just read on Entertainment Weekly's website that ABC is pulling "Happy Town" for the next two weeks for some Primetime special and a movie...seriously ABC can you stop doing this to me? You get me into a show and then pull it off the air only to bring it back for a few more episodes some random day each week in the summer and then it ends...or you just cancel shows that are awesome.

-Eli Stone (got 2 seasons with the second split up and finishing over the summer)

-Samantha Who (2 seasons same thing with finishing over the summer)

-Life on Mars (1 season but at least it got an ending)

-Eastwick (not even a full season, pulled then brought back to finish but skipped an episode and then ended and episode before they stated it would)

-and now Happy Town (I can't say it was awesome yet cause I've only watched the 1st episode...the 2nd episode is still on my DVR but come one it was so the new "Twin Peaks". It was odd and intriguing and makes you wonder WTF...and Sam Neil was great as a creapy guy...)

With Lost ending in a few weeks I'm running out of reasons to like ABC...all that's left is Modern Family and Cougar Town and I'd be ok watching those online so as not to give that network my ratings...

As I've said about ABC for the last few years...ABC stands for Already Been Canceled!

What did you think of Happy Town? Should ABC at least give it a chance?

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