May 18, 2010

Last Tuesday for LOST...EVER!

With only 2 episodes left I wanted to take some time to go back and look over a recap of each of the episodes and knowing what I know now relay some revelations and still unanswered questions because after Sunday Lost will be no more.

Interesting commonality - In this past weeks episode "Across the Sea" we saw the young MIB see a vision of his dead mother on the island leading him to "his people" (essentially the others).  We also saw young Ben Linus see his dead mother in the woods also leading him to join the others (kinda interesting)

Speaking of the others, we see "mother" (Allison Janey) torch all of the people who came to the island that the MIB was staying with, and we know that Jacob has brought several groups of people to this island - but are the Others (that Ben led) just a group that was brought to the island that lasted a lot longer than most people?  I mean it seems that the whole argument between Jacob and his brother are that they come to the island and it always ends the same with destruction so I take that as they all usually end up dead, so were these the selected people (possibly candidates) that Jacob had Richard Alpert protect...I am assuming that the original group we know as The Others arrived after Richard and the Black Rock...I am under the impression that when the Black Rock arrived no one other than Jacob and MIB were there...

Some mysteries - I still want to know why Walt was special...what was it about him?  The actor was growing up too fast for the pace of the show and I understand him essentially being written off but at least explain why he was so did he appear places he wasn't supposed to be?  I mean he wasn't dead so he couldn't have been smokey when Shannon sees him back in season 2.  So how is it he can appear these places (he has some sort of supernatural power?)  I'll even be OK with them answering this question through Aaron if they have to...I mean maybe Aaron is just like him...Claire's psychic told her he could not be raised by another yet we saw that Aaron was raised by Kate and he seems fine (or is he? we don't know he's not on the island) or is Aaron's story over mysteriously too?

We know that the MIB was Christian but what about all the other random visions people have seen on the island?  Do people just sometimes have visions?  Like Kate's horse  is it just something the island can do, conjure up things from your past?

Here's a good one, why doesn't smokey kill Mr. Eko the first time he approaches him?  He reads him almost and you can see flashes of his life in the smoke yet Mr. Eko survives his encounter with smokey only to be killed later.  Why does smokey choose to let him live?

I'm assuming that the healing properties of the island are just part of the mysterious light that it is protecting but what about the problem with pregnant women?  How did that come about?  Why does this happen if the island has healing powers as we saw in Rose being healed of her cancer - but on the other hand the island almost chooses who to heal because Ben had to be operated on why was he not just healed by the island?  Is it Jacob who controls who is healed and who isn't?

I still feel like the Darhma initiative has more to be told in the backstory of Lost...

Why was Libby originally in the crazy house with Hurley?  Are we supposed to assume she was in for the same reason she was in there in the flash sideways because she seemed a lot more disturbed the first time we saw her in there...

What bigger role does Claire's psychic (Richard Malkin) play?  He seemed to be somehow forcing her to the island and we saw him a second time in Mr. Eko's flashback as a priest trying to validate a claim of a girl coming back to life after drowning, that girl is Malkin's daughter  here Malkin tells Eko that his is a fraud and is not a psychic - is that the truth?  The producers have said they don't plan to tell weather he is truly a psychic or not so we will probably never know if he did indeed forsee Claire on the plane crash therefore forcing here to raise Aaron...

Why does the ash circle protect against the MIB and it seems to have to be special ash...who said Help me in Jacob's cabin that Locke heard?  It appeared as thought the ash circle around the cabin was intact at that time so that would mean MIB could not enter the cabin right?  Also who was the owner of the Eye Hulrey sees while looking in the Cabin?  We saw Christian shepard (who we now know has been the MIB all along assuming he was telling the truth) so it couldn't have been MIB- so who was it?

Pregnancy Issues - According to Lostpedia we know that Ethan Rom was the last know person to be born on the island without complications - in 1977...are we to maybe assume that "the incident" led to these infertility issues?

 There are so many more things to touch upon but I have run out of time to post.  Enjoy my thoughts so far.  I look forward to doing a complete LOST re-watch after the finale airs and will possibly do a blog post after each episode after having seen the entire series I hope that going back and watching the entire series again with the knowledge of how it ends could make the entire series a little more interesting and we might find hints that we missed before because we didn't know to look for them!  Here is the promo for tonight's episode featuring "This is the End" by the Doors

Enjoy and happy viewing of LOST tonight...don't forget to watch Glee, Parenthood and V tonight as well :)  also DWTS results will announce if Purdue's Dance team has made it to the finals...

Whilst ravaging the internet i stumbled upon this awesome picture from
kinda of puts a different perspective on the island doesn't it?

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