May 21, 2010

The first theory that might actually happen!

"... I do find myself wondering if the current conflict on The Island can and will be resolved by a paradigm shift in thinking about The Source. The Island needs The Source — but does The Source really need The Island? We've been told that a little bit of the light exists in everyone. Well, why not take a cue from Hurley's Parable of the Hatch Pantry and just divide the rest of The Source equally among all people? Why not make humanity itself the exclusive dwelling place of The Source? It's time to decentralize! It's time for Mystic Reformation! That's my theory of Desmond. I think super-Buddha is going to get dropped into the Holy Wormhole and will absorb all the energy into himself and then redistribute it throughout all of mankind. The Source needs a guardian. But what it needs even more is for all of us to guard it." - Doc Jensen from

kinda sounds like horcruxes from Harry Potter a little doesn't it?  taking your soul and splitting into pieces or if you saw the movie "9" the same thing happened there too the scientist split his soul into 9 parts and put it inside those dolls, or whatever they were...anyway this was the most insightful thing I have read in the form of a semi-theory ever and it makes such perfect sense...especially the Desmond thing!  so yes this is short but it was so great I had to share it

I also found this on the site from a guy named Fro it's so brilliant

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