May 26, 2010

Lessons Learned: Screening Phone Calls

On the season finale of Modern Family, Phil goes to a Lakers game and just happens to be sitting right behind the bench and Claire sees him on TV as she is trying to call him to tell him about the broken stair she just messed up.  As she tries to come up with something to say to him that will make him have an awkward face, he grabs his phone looks at it and puts it back in his pocket! public screening of your call on television! This reminds me of a time when I saw my friend screen a call from me while I was driving down the street so I will share the story -

I am on campus at Purdue driving down Northwestern Ave when I see my friend walking out of the physics building towards Jimmy Johns with is physics minions (his word not mine).  So I decide to give him a call him.  As I am at the stoplight I see him pull his phone out of his pocket and proceed to put it back in his pocket.  I couldn't believe it! He screened my call! a few seconds later I'm driving through the intersection and he is on the sidewalk so i roll down my window and call him out on it!  Later he told me a story about being with his physics minions and so forth but I still laugh about that to this day! Thank You Phil Dumphy for bringing back a classic moment in my life!

Phil and Gloria get put on the kiss cam at the Lakers game so she says what the heck and kisses him then Alex gets a text from Haley saying that Claire saw him on TV (screening her call) and he's dead, but Phil being who he is thinks she saw the kiss cam on TV...too great!

Mitchell gets chased by a pigeon in his own house and then there's a great scene where Cam is singing Ave Maria at a wedding and it plays in the background as Mitchell decides to go on the offensive against the pigeon thus trashing the house!

Jay tells Jake some crazy story about cutting Martin Luther King, Jr.'s hair back in the 60s.  He embellishes by adding all these other famous people's hair too and then tells Jake that Frank Sinatra is the greatest singer to ever live and he'll fight anyone who says otherwise and of course Jake tells him his dad thinks (some random person I've never heard of) is the best singer and Jays says "jokingly" I guess I'm going to have to fight your dad.  So Jake texts Alex that "Grandpa wants to fight him"  so Phil of course takes that as another assumption he saw the kiss cam!

And of course it all comes out in the open during the main plot line of taking a family photo which Claire planned out where everyone is all dressed in white.  She wanted it on her stairs but when she made the broken stair worse she moved it to Jay's house.  They are fighting the setting sun the Phil and Gloria get back from the game late due to an overtime, the sprinklers come on and they have to send Jake to turn them off - cause it's across the lawn and he is wrapped in plastic so he won't get his close dirty! haha.  They finally pose and then the Kiss Cam story comes out and they end up having a mud fight and then taking a funny dirty picture!

What a great way to end this GREAT new show!  Modern family is ABC's first really good comedy in a long time!  Can't wait for next season...

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