May 4, 2010

May is National Cheeseburger Month

What will you do to celebrate national cheeseburger month? Go out and try the new BK double (why is it Burger King is always copying McDonalds...hello the McDouble, and they alerady openly admited to copying their breakfast sandwhiches) Or will you go out and purchase a $10 white castle burger scented candle? When I first saw that they were selling slider scented candles I threw up a little in my mouth (which is something that happens as soon as you walk into a white castle anyway so it's kind of appropriate).  But seriously, why would you EVER make a burger scented candle?  There are some pretty awful smells out there to make into a candle scent but a White Castle burger has got to be one of the worst ideas ever.

In honor of cheeseburger month here is a classic McDonald's Hamburglar commercial from 1985...don't you wish everything you touched turned itno a cheeseburger?

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