May 22, 2010

More Finales...Tuesday shows

I know it's a few days behind but here are Tuesday's finale recaps.  I have been busy and got behind in my DVR watching.  Tuesday was 90210 and V.

Let's begin with the season finale of 90210 (the new version of course not the awesome original show BH 90210)...I want to first take a moment to say to all the people out there who diss this show because they loved the original and can't force themselves to watch a remake let me tell you that I loved the original and gave this show a chance and although I am past the stage in my life where High School dramas feel relevant to me I enjoy watching the petty drama, it's a guilty pleasure.  Now that Kelly has kinda all but left the show and it's just about the new characters it's felt less like a remake and more like a continuation like if "Saved By the Bell the New Class" had been watchable.  Some other time I want to divulge into the structure of these high school shows and how unrealistic they are yet how much fun they are to watch (shows like Saved by the Bell, BH 90210, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, The OC and so forth).  Now on to the episode -

WOW! Senior year at West Bev is going to be an interesting one.  Here's how their Junior year wrapped up -  

Naomi's conniving bitch of a sister Jen is back and pregnant! (which we knew last week) with Mr. Matthew's baby (that's the new info) - go ahead and join me in a WHAT?  She of course doesn't want Ryan to be involved with the baby because he's a lowly school teacher and that's not a respectable job for her high-end life.  Of course he gets drunk to cope with it and basically steals a bus, drives drunk, runs over the school sign...this guy needs some serious AA help.

Silver and Teddy get back together after she tells him about his father bribing her to break up with him

Adrianna and Navid get back together publicly too - but will she drop out of West Bev to tour with Javier who still wants to get her back after she dumped him to get back with Navid?

Annie came clean about the hit and run.  So what is next for her?  And will she get together with Liam next year?

Dixon and Ivy are together after several break-ups and getting back togethers, and he snuck off to go to Australia with her for the summer without his parents consent - this could lead to some major fallout.

Harry gets fired from West Bev after going to the Superintendent about covering up for Dixon's break-in.  Basically because he doesn't want to let some slacker slide by for cheating in English class after he threatens to go to the Super if he doesn't let the plagiarism slide.  This of course leads to more fighting with Deb over their marital issues - will they get a divorce?

Liam is currently beating the crap out of Jasper for torching his boat and we heard the cops in the background so one wonders was this all a set up by Jasper?  the kid is psycho.  Guess we'll have to see what happens to him when the show returns because not only is this Jasper issue a problem he also came clean about stealing his step-dad's coins and that guy hates him as it is so who knows what he'll do to him.

And then there's Naomi - poor girl she thought she had the perfect life, the perfect boyfriend and then her lying sister Jen returns after being shamed into admitting she slept with Liam after prom and let Naomi believe it was Annie the whole year.  With her return comes the loss of her money (Jen becomes the guardian of her trust fund after telling daddy she's blowing it all) and takes back the house where she is living and gets rid of her car and replaces it with a junker, then Liam finally tired of her self-centered crap dumps her.  She goes into the school to call AAA only to be...well let's just say it - raped by Mr. Cannon whom she falsely accused of sexual harassment earlier this year - and he is right when he says no one is going to believe her if she tells them he did this since she already "cried wolf" on him.

Oh and don't you just wish Ethan would come back?


On V the season ended the way it began with everyone looking upwards to the sky.  In the premier everyone looked up as the V ships approached their city.  In the finale everyone looked up to see a red sky (the title of the episode), Ana has initiated her plan and sent her message to the ships just beyond earth (this is why the sky turned red) but what does it mean?  What will this Red Sky lead to next season?

Lisa finally chose the side of 5th Column, Chad Decker finally saw that Ana was playing him (thanks to the 5th Column - mainly Joshua).  Erika is playing Ana nicely by making her believe that she is on her side to protect the Vs and using her access to the ship to cause destruction.  We saw with the help of Joshua and Lisa, Erika was able to destroy Ana's soldier eggs (all but 12 anyway).  This leads Ana to feel her first human emotion of anger which causes her to rashly set her plan in to motion despite Markus warning her that the time is not right.

Hobbs is recruited by the Vs to infiltrate the 5th column and learns that he has been working for the Vs for several years without even knowing it.  He has secretly been doing business with Markus without Erika and the rest of the 5th column's knowledge but what is his game plan?  Hobbs is a wild card so you can never tell what he may be up to.

Father Jack uses his church to spread his message that people are worshiping the Vs as false gods and that is unacceptable.  Most people leave but a few stay to join the fight - I guess we just recruited more 5th column.  However, the senior priest tells him that it is unacceptable and he will no longer be allowed to preach there - I have had the suspicion since the premier that the senior priest was a V and this just makes me more suspicious.

Ryan learns that Val has gone into labor and was taken by the Vs aboard the ship.  He storms the ship but Ana orders Val killed after the baby is born and then tells Ryan she died and that had he brought her to the Vs at the start they might have been able to save him and then she uses her Bliss and turns him back to her side.  She hopes to be able to use him against 5th Column.  And he get's to see his alien baby (with is weird tentacles)  I'm just glad they didn't show the baby's face personally I don't want to see any gross alien baby!

Chad turned Joshua in as 5th Column only to then be led to see what the Vs are doing to the humans on the live aboard.  Luckily Lisa frees Joshua from his holding cell long enough to cause the diversion so Erika can destroy the soldier eggs.  However in the fallout Erika is forced to shoot Joshua to protect the 5th Column.  But it's a good thing the Vs are so savvy with their technology and are able to revive Joshua from his gun shot wounds (I thought shooting them didn't kill them - remember the first episode when Erika tried to kill her partner?) .  The big question is what will they do with him now?

Next season should be very interesting.  What will this red sky lead to?  What will happen to Ryan and Joshua?  What will Hobbs choose to do?  Will Chad Decker become a valuable ally to the 5th column know that he knows more about Ana's plans for humans?  We shall see.

More Finale wrap ups to come

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  1. Ohhhh 90210, why do I watch you? It is a guilty pleasure and so addicting!

    And yes, I do with Ethan would come back! I liked him; he was interesting. And Teddy was his replacement and he is NOT interesting. At all.