May 24, 2010

LOST Is Over...Now What?

"It can only end once, everything before that is simply progress"...wasn't the progress the best experience of your life?

LOST has made us laugh, and it's made us cry, it gave us questions and answers, it kept us intrigued and guessing. It made us smile and fall in love, it made us patient for answers. It gave us faith, and it gave us doubt that the writers were leading us somewhere. It made us feel for people we never met in a way life-long friends feel for each other. It gave us something to talk about at work the next day, and it brought us together in a giant online community. But most of all, LOST gave us something to look forward to, a reason to believe in serialized television and a reason to look forward to next week. It was a whole new venture and as unique a story as we've ever been told. LOST revolutionized television and the way television can immerse an audience in fantasy and escape from their everyday lives. It touched the world and made everyone feel like they were a part of this story through augmented reality games and video games in the off-season giving the audience a chance to find their own answers. It also did something American television had never seen before - it sent it's OWN end date. This is something that tends to happen when shows are produced in other countries but never has an American made show done this. It was ingenious.

Future television should take a page out of LOST's book and pitch a show to a network for a specific number of seasons, like a several year long movie (at least drama's should comedies tend to follow a different structure). It would give the creators the chance to accomplish what they want and work towards a specific goal. I think it would also lead to more viewers because we would ultimately know that we were being taken on a journey that we know will have a purposeful ending and not have to worry about getting hooked to a show that apparently other people did not get attached to and only to have the rug pulled out from under us.

Mark your calendar for May 23, 2010 - that's the day that a nation watched as the show that captivated audiences around the world came to an end. The day many of us saw a 6 year journey and investment in the most creative show on television come to an end, the day our castaway friends ended their journey, and boy oh boy was it well worth every minute of the 6 year investment!

Never before has a show made me feel such emotion that it seemed as though the lives of these characters had a direct impact on my life. I cried so many times through the journey of LOST but more at "The End" than any other point.

I'm sure many people will not agree with me that the show's final episode was one of the best there was. I think in the midst of all the mysteries the show gave us we lost track of the character progression and demanded answers but all we really wanted was for our friends to make their way and bring us on their journey to the end of the road. And tonight's finale gave us the greatest character resolution possible. I think this will go down as one of the best series finales of all time whether you believe it or not Damon and Carlton allowed us to witness the finest 2.5 hours of television.

This is what I have to start but please look for a second post tomorrow...

Best quote of the night:
"I don't believe in a lot of things, but i do believe in duct tape" -Miles

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