May 17, 2010

Season Finale Wrap Up - Monday

One Tree Hill
OK, so here I am watching OTH's 7th Season finale not knowing whether or not it will be returning for an 8th season.  Although season 6's finale felt like a series finale season 7 has had it's moments.  I liked the new characters they brought in to the show, Quinn (Haley's sister) was a nice addition and Clay is a very dynamic character.  The show had some big story lines this season...Nathan not getting resigned by the Bobcats because of Clay, Haley and Quinn's mother dying causing Haley to go into a deep depression, Brooke and Julian's on-again/ off-again relationship, Mouth and Skills fighting over a girl, but by far the biggest story was Katie, a tennis player who looks exactly like Clay's dead wife Sarah...turns out she's crazy and is obsessed with becoming Sarah and wants Clay and is just off her rocker (literally on medication), well after the last episode where Clay had her taken away by police it kinda seemed (albeit an odd sort of end to that arc) to be the end of her - WRONG!

The season finale through almost the entire hour felt like a happy show with story lines coming together, Julian finally premiered his film and it was a big hit (which is what the entire episode revolved around, going to the premiere of the movie in Utah), and then Julian proposed to Booke! awe how adorable I've been waiting for that moment...Haley is starting to finally come out of her depression and reveals to Nate that she's pregnant - YAY I've been waiting for them to have another kid (they're only going to be 7 years apart), Alex (who's real name is Alice Whitehead - how horrible no wonder she changed it) convinces Josh to come out to his parents and also convinces Chase (who just broke up with Mia) to go out on a date - and then seconds later Mia texts him and says she made a mistake and wants him back (classic).  Grubbs finishes his album and plans to start touring in London so he can see Miranda again (awe they were kinda cute for a non-essential cast couple).

Then there is the big season ending cliff hanger event - Quinn goes up to bed and guess who's there?  Katie - with a gun! Gunshot...oh no! Clay hears the sound and runs upstairs, sees Katie and boom another shot! OMG! Katie makes Nanny Carrie look like a slightly crazy aunt...I can't believe she shot Quinn and Clay! Haley was just starting to come out of her funk and now her sister gets shot (how will this affect her pregnancy?) I'm just praying that neither of them die...but OMG this show better come back next season!!!  Did you see the dramatic exit Katie makes as well?

Let's start with something nice - Dorota has her baby, a girl whom she names Anastasia.  How adorable...of course her having the baby caused B to miss her 7:01pm deadline to meet Chuck atop the Empire State Building.  She eventually shows up and finds Chuck's flowers in the trash...poor B. 

Dan and Serena wake up next to each other and we learn that they shared a kiss.  Jenny, fresh off her attempt to destroy her father's marriage finds them, snaps a photo and of course sends it to Gossip Girl.  This all culminates in Serena breaking up with Nate and we're not really sure how things will play out between Dan and Vanessa since Nate forwarded her the photo down in Haiti (where she is doing an internship) and won't return Dan's calls (but we're going to presume they will break up...more on that towards the end)  And of course there is little J - Rufus decides that it is best for her to live with her mother in Hudson and finish her senior year out there.  

For someone who wanted to move back to Brooklyn you think she'd be happy to be out of the city but no she was so upset she went to the hotel looking for Nate...J when will you learn to just stay away from those boys at the hotel.  Well needless to say Nate was not there but a very depressed Chuck trying deeply to rid his heart of Blair uses this opportunity to swipe Jenny's V card.  Chuck actually seems quite pleasant with J after the event asking her if she is OK and telling her she can stay the night (which is a no-no in the world of one night stands that is Chuck Bass' life) this is of course until Blair shows up trashed flowers in hand explaining that as hard as she tried to stay away she couldn't.  

Jenny is so distraught about he rash decision to sleep with Chuck that she goes to the hospital chapel where Erik finds her and learns what happened.  He gets Dan to go talk to her where presumably she tells him what happened.  Cut to Chuck and Blair all giddy in the foyer.

Just as Chuck pulls the ring out of his pocket to propose to Blair - POW - Dan decks him.  This of course leads Blair the the revelation that after she didn't show at the Empire State Building he slept with Jenny.  Of course this means that B is done with Chuck yet again.  B tells J to get off the island known as New York and never come back or there will be hell to pay.  We skip a week ahead and say goodbye to Jenny (who will be MIA for the beginning of next season - confirmed by Michael Aussiello).  Big family hugs (minus Serena who we all know has a rift with Jenny anyway - besides her and Blair are heading off to Paris for the summer...)

That leads us to the 2 major events -

Georgian is back from Russia and needs some help.  She tries Chuck and Blair but nobody wants to help her what kind of trouble is she in?  Well turns out she's PREGGERS and supposedly it's Dan's love child! This right after Dan starts to look up flights to Paris to go see Serena...come on who saw that one coming?  We shall see if her baby daddy is in fact Lonely Boy but it looks like Georgina will be around for a while next season (especially since Mercy got canceled).

Chuck went to Prague to drown his Blair sorrows and in the process Nate is becoming the new Chuck in Manhattan going through the little black book of girls.  And then comes the biggest twist of them all Chuck get's mugged leaving a bar in Prague, they try to take the engagement ring so he fights back tells them he has a ton of money just let him go to the bank to get it.  Well he struggles and Bang! Chuck is shot and left for dead in the alley as the muggers take off with the ring.

So much happened! Is Dan Georgina's baby daddy?  Is Chuck really dead?  When will we see Jenny again?  

After an up and down so-so season of Gossip Girl this year we definitely got our OMG moments in the finale and I can't wait for next season...


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